Casino Bingo Bonuses

How to win big at online bingo slots: learn how to get casino bingo bonuses

If you are a true fan of bingo, then you know for sure that there’s a huge difference between playing bingo in land-based venues and playing it online. In the online realm, players are treated way better when it comes to certain aspects, such as bonuses. In a brick and mortar venue, as a player you would only be awarded bonuses consisting of free drinks, free meals or hotel vouchers. But if you decide to play online, well, let’s just say things keep getting better and better with respect to casino bingo bonuses.

When and where did Bingo first made an appearance?

I know that it’s hard to believe, but the Bingo game doesn’t originate from the United States of America. Did you know that the early variations of this very popular game can be traced back to the 16th century Italy? At that time, the name of the game was obviously not the Bingo we know today. It was named „Lo Giuco del Lotto”. Later on, two centuries later, the game matured in France, by adding tokens, play cards and reading out numbers. Then, in Germany, bingo was recorded as a learning method for kids, that was used in order to make them learn faster spelling or naming animals, but was even used in maths – to be more specific in multiplication tables. In the 20th century, one guy who’s name was Edwin Lowe took part in a traveling Carnival near Atlanta, where a game called Beano was being played. The name suggestion came from the fact that dried beans were used, along with cardboard sheets and rubber stamp.  When somebody won, just as today players yell „Bingo!”, back then the winner yelled „Beano!” Charmed by the mechanics of the game, Edwin Lowe introduced this game to his friends in New York. By the mistake of one single player, who yelled Bingo instead of Beano, the entire history changed and the era of Bingo began.

Edwin was the first person to introduce the game of Bingo across the United States of America, and it was a tremendous success needless to say. This game evolved as you know it today from scratch. At the beginning,  the players were able to purchase any ammount of bingo gards, and there was a designated person that would announce the numbers by means of a raffle. Just like nowadays, players used a pen to circle the number called out on the cards.

Even if the playing in land-based halls is still a thing, people of 2018 would rather play online on different platforms.

Online bingo slots award you a wide variety of promotions and bonuses

Not only does playing online offer you the freedom of choosing your favourite online bingo slots from a huge variety of games. But if you choose to play from your mobile phone, tablet or computer, you might be in for a surprise, consisting in casino bingo bonuses awarded for free at your registration in a casino. Basically, to get one of these sign-up bonuses, all you have to do is to register in the chosen casino, and validate your personal data according to te Terms and Conditions of the casino you’re playing in. But that’s not the only type of bonus they offer. Needless to say, you can also win enormous jackpots at casino loto and other different awards. So, if you want to win a paid holiday, a laptop, a smartphone and even a car, give bingo a try and win real money prizes!

Casino bingo bonuses come in all shapes and sizes

But the first thing you should be looking for are the no deposit ones, otherwise said sign-up promotions. Don’t worry if you’re a new comer, because you have a certain advantage for not playing online before. By choosing this type of bonus you can try out new games without having to pay a single cent. The first time you register a cash amount in the online operator, that qualifies as a first deposit. And through  your first deposit you are awarded another type of promotion that gives you extra funds.

Are there really that many advantages in playing online bingo?

The answer won’t shock you at all. Yes, playing online bingo is not only more entertaining than the classic variant of the game played in land-based venues. By choosing to play online you have the convenience factor of location. No matter where you find yourself, as long as you have a decent Internet connection and your phone’s battery is fully charged, by a few taps on the screen you log into the bingo hall and start the game.

Bingo has been recognized as an online gambling option only about a decade ago, and since its virtual breakthrough the game’s popularity increased dramatically.  I believe that the reason for the game’s intense growth lies in the fact that online you have by far a larger variety of bingo games. What is more, unlike land-based agencies that are usually open during a certain time, online bingo will always be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Play, chat and have fun with your friends and family!

Have you ever walked in a land-based bingo hall, and saw every single player sitting and playing in silence at the tables? Yeah, me too. And all that silence made me a bit uncomfortable and didn’t make me go into the playing mode. However, when it comes to online bingo things change drastically. There’s an enormous community of players, and you can join it too! A lot of people start playing bingo because their family introduced the game to them, or because they heard about it from their friends. In contrast to land-based bingo halls where you have to keep quiet and players can’t interact with each other during the game because it is forbidden, in online bingo halls you can easily chat all day long with your frends. What is more, you are even able to play chat games in order to win bonuses!

How can you miss the opportunity of winning at casino loto?

The convenience factor isn’t the only one that plays a key role in onli ne bingo. Enormous jackpots are worth mentioning too! Players who are eager to play with real money and win big, know that they have the opportunity of winning big prizes at casino loto. They use this as motivation and get better and better, end their efforts are definitely paid in the long run. If you feel that you’re not as skilled as the players who work hard in order to win big, that’s not a problem at all. You can always give free bingo a chance!

What is free bingo?

To sum up, it is a great way of exercising your skills, without having to pay money for playing your favorite online bingo games. You know how the best things in life are free? So can be online bingo slots if you know where to look! When you play from your computer at  home, or in a quick break from work from your mobile phone or tablet, you find mountains of bingo games that you can play online for free. My advice is to try different variants and find the one that suits you best, while you try various strategies and improve your playing routine. By the time you have learned all the tactics involved in the game, you’ll be able to play with real money. Speaking of real money, a great way to make some savings and apply them to your bankroll is to look for the right type of casino bingo bonuses.

Online bingo slots are low priced and worth trying

So many people are driven to play bingo slots online due to the fact that you can sign up with as little as 10 bucks. Of course, you can start by playing free as I stated above, on platforms that offer free bingo slots that don’t require any deposit.

But despite the low price offers, there are HUGE rewards! You won’t find such jackpots in land-based bingo venues, no matter the number of halls in which you played before. The big rewards are only an online thing, and that is because a lot of players prefer to play from the comfort of their home, instead of going to a real bingo venue.